A United and Informed Voice for Indiana's Children, Youth, and Families

Advocacy in Action

HandsThe Children's Coalition of Indiana puts advocacy in action through many venues, including:

An Annual Policy Agenda: The Children's Coalition of Indiana annually prepares a Policy Agenda that identifies priorities in nine different areas. Those nine areas are:

  1. Abuse, Neglect, & Family Violence
  2. Adoption & Foster Care
  3. Early Childhood Care & Development
  4. Economic Self-Sufficiency
  5. Education
  6. Financing Appropriate Child Welfare Services
  7. Physical and Mental Health
  8. Juvenile Justice
  9. Youth Development

Click Policy Agenda to review the entire agenda or click here to re-visit and view the nine different legislative priorities that are shown on the home page above each child in the sky's horizon.

Special Events: The Children's Coalition of Indiana lends its support to special events that are consistent with the mission of the Coalition.  Click Special Events to learn more about upcoming events in which the Coalition is involved.

Education materials and Public Information programs: The Children's Coalition of Indiana partners with many member organizations and other groups to produce education materials and to offer information programs to strengthen capabilities of both adult and youth advocates and to increase awareness of priority issues impacting children, youth, and families. Click Education and Public Information materials to view advocacy tools and resources.