A United and Informed Voice for Indiana's Children, Youth, and Families

Who We Are

FriendsOur Mission

To advocate for the well-being of children

Our Vision

All children will have the opportunity to grow up to lead healthy, safe, and productive lives.

Our Members

The Children's Coalition of Indiana membership represents local, regional, and statewide organizations.  Click on Coalition Membership to view our current membership listing for 2015.

Our Board of Directors

Members of our Board of Directors are from organizations that are members of the Coalition.  Each member of the Board serves a 2 year appointment and attends quarterly Board meetings and monthly Coalition meetings.

Click on Coalition Board to view our current Board members.

Board members help identify and discuss legislative agenda priorities and keep the membership informed so that unified action can be taken by all members statewide.  The Board also identifies and lends support to community outreach and education opportunities consistent with the Coalition's mission.

Our Committees

Committee work offers members an opportunity to contribute their time, talents, and ideas to support the work of the Coalition.  Click Committees to learn more about the different Committee opportunities within the Coalition and who to contact to find out how you can participate.